Facts about loneliness – The popular feeling in our age

Loneliness is believed to be one of the leading factors of tension and stress in human life. According to some statistics, about 40% of people feel lonely at some certain moments during their lives. But only a few of them can give an exact definition of loneliness and its effects on each individual. Therefore, this article may be beneficial since it will provide you with some interesting facts about loneliness.

Facts about loneliness: Unrelated to the number of friends or relationships

Alone in a crowd ... image was intentionally softened and colors muted to all but the alone person.
Alone in a crowd

When it comes to sense of loneliness, almost all everyone think that we are often bored and lonely if we have so few friends. However, this is wrong because sociable people having numerous friends still feel lonely. The reason is that loneliness completely depends on human’s subjective feeling, not the number of relationships we have. It does mean that one person may feel lonely and isolated even though he/ she is surrounded by relatives or close friends.

Facts about loneliness:Distort perceptions of relationships

Being lonely sometimes worsens the value of social relationships, even family connection. Desolate people, therefore, are easy to lose sense of belonging and cooperation. As a result, they may lose respect of relationships which play an important role in showing life quality.

Facts about loneliness: Loneliness is contagious

Loneliness is contagious

The result based on the research of Chicago University, American has suggested that being lonely is as contagious as epidemics. This contagion is similar to the spread of virus which decreases labor productivity and life quality. That is evident on social network where we can see that friends of lonely users are mostly lonely.

Facts about loneliness: Exert bad impacts on human health

It is undeniable that loneliness causes detrimental effects on our health, not only spiritual aspects but also physical health. Specifically, those who experience loneliness are in danger of rising blood pressure and the higher amount of bad cholesterol in blood compared  to other people. In addition, this feeling also increases the risk of depression, heart diseases as well as the deteriorating immune system.

Facts about loneliness: Leading to social evils

Loneliness – The culprit behind some crimes

There is an alarmingly increasing number of criminals, especially youngsters in society. Some of them result from sense of pessimism and loneliness. Loneliness partly makes individuals feel isolated among many people. Consequently, they tend to think about negative problems and then commit a crime.

These above things are only some discoveries about loneliness. Let’s find out some others to have deeper understanding of this feeling.

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